Laurel Bank Park




Laurel Bank Park is a beautiful parkland area close to the city centre, featuring spectacular manicured gardens, a scented garden, a playground, picnic area and croquet greens.

As well as containing an outstanding collection of exotic trees, including English and Spanish oaks, ginkos and Japanese maples, the park is home to the tranquil Scented Gardens. This unique ‘garden within a garden’ was created by Toowoomba City Council and the Rotary Club of Toowoomba East from ideas presented by the Downs Association of the Blind, and occupies approximately 0.5 hectare of the park’s four and a half hectare area.

Fragrant blooms, herbs and shrubs grow in raised beds, inviting visitors to take in the subtle perfumes as they walk by, or sit and absorb the atmosphere. Playground equipment and a charming gazebo complete the park.

Prior to 1932 Laurel Bank Park, as it is now known, was owned by Mr Samuel George Stephens. In 1932 Mr Stephens donated the land to the people of Toowoomba, making the Toowoomba City Council the park’s official custodian.

The gardens were designed by Mr Stephens himself before he handed them over. Mr Stephens was known to many as ‘the man of flowers’, and it is because of his love of flowers that he asked that the land not be used as a sporting facility, only the Croquet Greens along Herries Street were permitted. These greens were opened in March 1935.The Laurel Bank Hall was built during World War II to be used as a mess hall for the United States naval troops.